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Coaching/ Personal Mindfulness and Self Compassion Guide/ Delinking from Painful Emotions and Cultivating the Nuerology of Wellbeing
Discover the Power of Insight Psychology: Unlock the Path to Well-Being, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion 🌟
Heather uses paradigms from various modalities. She has been trained in Buddhist Psychology, Parts Work or Internal Family Systems, Secular Mindfulness and Cultivation of Positive Emotions, Self Compassion, Trauma Informed Applications, and Couples Compassionate Communication.
The journey to well-being can often feel like an uphill battle, but what if I told you that the key to unlocking more joy and happiness lies within you?
Insight Psychology, a powerful approach that combines mindfulness and self-compassion to create a holistic sense of well-being. This amazing practice can help you better understand the connection between your thoughts and emotions, providing the tools to overcome emotional difficulties and lead a more fulfilling life.
Our thoughts have a significant impact on how we feel. You may have experienced times when self-critical or negative thoughts have held you back or caused you emotional distress. The good news is, you don't have to follow these thoughts any longer. Insight Psychology is here to help you break free from that cycle, allowing you to cultivate a more positive outlook.
So, how does Insight Psychology work? By combining mindfulness and self-compassion, you'll learn to:Observe your thoughts without judgment: Through mindfulness, you'll develop the ability to witness your thoughts as they come and go, without getting caught up in them. This practice will help you recognize that your thoughts are not facts, and you don't have to believe everything they say.Be kind to yourself: Self-compassion encourages you to treat yourself with the same warmth and understanding you would offer to a friend in need. By practicing self-compassion, you'll become more resilient in the face of life's challenges, and you'll find it easier to forgive yourself and move forward.Cultivate positive emotions: By understanding the connection between your thoughts and feelings, Insight Psychology helps you reframe your perspective and focus on the positive aspects of your life, fostering happiness and joy.Build lasting well-being: Integrating mindfulness and self-compassion creates a strong foundation for lasting well-being, empowering you to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace.
Wishing you all the best on your journey towards well-being, mindfulness, and self-compassion.
Join Heather for 30 minute drop in meditations via zoom through DEN ANYWHERE Tuesdays at 5pm
*and 45 minute in person meditatiohrouns at Unplug meditation in Santa Monica Thursdays 8:15pm
*see below Mindful Awareness and Compassion Courses (MAPS) levels 1&2 offered through UCLA MARC online and in person

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center 6 Week Courses

Heather is one of the foremost Mindfulness Facilitators located in California known for her compassion, knowledge, and humor. She works with a diverse range of clientele including those in recovery, people coping with depression and anxiety, cancer survivors, men and women battling chronic health and pain issues, those suffering from PTSD, as well as clinicians combating compassion fatigue syndrome. She has worked as a guiding teacher for Mindful Schools training school teachers Mindfulness. Her training began with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998, traveling the world to learn under masters in both India and Europe as well as a 9 year training in Buddhist Psychology and practice. In 2011 she became a certified Mindfulness Facilitator at UCLA, and is a teacher of their Mindful Awareness Classes, as well as their Self Compassion, and Working with Difficult Emotions 6 week courses. Currently she’s co-creator and master teacher for The DEN Meditation Teacher Training Program as well as creator and facilitator of their Compassion Certification training, 6 week forgiveness courses, Mindfulness programs for recovery centers, to name a few.
Her own projects include Trauma Informed Self Compassion Intensives and 5 day Mindfulness Silent Retreats which she teaches twice a year. Heather also sees regular clients weekly, to help guide them through internal knots and support them in creating wellbeing and stability within themselves. Her joy is watching her clients develop the tools necessary to tap into their own inner wisdom, enabling them to forge their own path towards healing and self-compassion. She continues her studies with her mentor Diana Winston, creator and head of UCLA MARC, yearly silent retreats, and personal practice. She has been featured in many articles and television segments and can be viewed online for Mindfulness Magazine leading a guided Joy practice! She can be found on several Apps including Harvard University's Lab for cancer patients and Muse.
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In this follow up class to MAPs I, we will learn how to cultivate loving kindness, compassion, equanimity, joy, gratitude, and forgiveness.We will learn new meditations to develop these qualities, tools to work with when we find them ourselves stuck and not feeling positive emotions, and practical exercises to incorporate them into our daily life. This is a helpful expansion to our basic mindfulness practice.Pre-requisite: Attendance in any introductory MAPs I series or equivalent mindfulness introductory class with permission from our instructor. If you have not taken a MAPs I class at MARC, please email us a brief description of your equivalent experience to [email protected] before class start date.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center 6 Week Courses

MAPs I for Daily Living

The MAPs I course is an excellent introduction to mindfulness for beginners. MAPs I provides insight into the basics of mindfulness, how to develop a mindfulness meditation practice, and how mindfulness can be applied in daily life. It is also appropriate for experienced practitioners who wish to revitalize their practice.MAPs I- for Daily Living is also an excellent introduction to mindfulness for clinicians, who are welcome to take it for credit.


MAPs II: Working with Difficult Emotions

Many of us struggle with anxiety, depression and anger. These natural human emotions can be a source of suffering that can negatively impact quality of life. Mindfulness has been shown to promote more states of well being and happiness and has been incorporated into a variety of clinical treatments for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. But whether or not you have a mental health concern or simply struggle with the challenges of 21st century living and the anxiety, stress, and frustration of life, this class can support you in finding more ease, balance, and happiness.In the class we will work weekly with each emotion, exploring how to bring mindfulness to it and include other approaches to working with it. We will also learn practices that antidote difficult emotions such as equanimity or balance, compassion, and loving kindness.This class may be particularly relevant for mental health clinicians, but is open to anyone.Pre-requisite: Attendance in any introductory MAPs I series or equivalent mindfulness introductory class with permission from our instructor. If you have not taken a MAPs I class at MARC, please email us a brief description of your equivalent experience to [email protected] before class start date.
class cost $200
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IPP/TMF students please email [email protected] to sign up for class

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center 6 Week Courses

MAPs II: Self-Compassion

Many of us struggle with issues of self-judgment and self-criticism. People of all ages suffer from painful thoughts such as, β€œI’m not good enough,” β€œI messed that up again,” and β€œI hate my body.” Although these thoughts may feel overwhelming and intractable, we can learn how to work with and lessen them. Science has shown that you can actually change your brain through mindfulness and the cultivation of positive emotional states.In this class, we will explore mindfulness practices to work with self-critical thoughts, and self-compassion practices to nurture kindness and compassion for ourselves and others. This class will include sitting and walking mindfulness and kindness meditations, periods of silence, personal exploration, and discussion to help cultivate and encourage more self-compassion. The material in this class is very powerful. We encourage you to have a consistent daily meditation practice before attending this class.Pre-requisite: Attendance in any introductory MAPs I series or equivalent mindfulness introductory class with permission from our instructor. If you have not taken a MAPs I class at MARC, please email us a brief description of your equivalent experience to before class start date.
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hardship for those in need $175
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